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Hand Drawing
Hand Drawing
The Happiest Kid cover.jpg

released March 15, 2022 from Yeehoo Press 
Illustrations by Elsa Pui Si Lo and Clarice Yunyi 


Sally is usually the happiest kid. She wakes up every morning with a bright sun shining over her bed, and she knows it’s going to be a good day. One day she wakes up feeling different and with a gloomy cloud hanging over her instead. She doesn’t know why it’s there, but she doesn’t want anyone to see it—not her parents, not her teacher, and not her friends—so she hides it away. But as the day goes on, the cloud grows too big and heavy for her to carry, and Sally must find the courage to let it out.


With gentle reassurance, this book reminds us that everyone feels sad sometimes, and that’s okay.

Now available for order wherever books are sold! 

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