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Not So Easy Art Project

Articles and posts on easy art projects are plentiful these days, and with good reason - quick and simple activities are great to have on hand when you are spending more time at home. But what if you are looking for an engaging activity that will take up more than 20 minutes?

Making a detailed collage is a great art project that can be as advanced or simple as needed and can occupy your young artists for several hours. It’s also a clever way to recycle old magazines. We did a lot of collage during our At-Home Art Camp – take a look for more info and other fun ideas.

You will need:





-Stack of old magazines

Select an image to inspire your collage or sketch your own. Simple drawings with strong lines and clear color definition work best. In each section of your drawing, write in a specific color.

Sort through a stack of old magazines and cut out small pieces (no bigger than ½”) in the different colors labeled on your drawing and make individual piles of each color. Using your glue, fill each section of your drawing with magazine pieces in the correct color, overlapping as needed so that none of the white paper is visible. 

Challenge older kids to work with a more detailed inspiration image or original artwork, and smaller magazine pieces. For younger kids, cut larger pieces and use a simpler design. 

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